Better-than-expected Microfiber Leather

PattyAugust 10, 2022

What Is Microfiber Leather?

Microfiber is an artificial fiber created from synthetic materials like polyester and polyamide. Polyester is a type of plastic whereas polyamide is simply another name for nylon. Microfiber is a flexible material with numerous applications due to its flexibility, softness, and absorbency. Microfiber is great for a range of applications, including cleaning goods, clothing, furniture, and sports equipment.

Together, microfiber non-woven and a high-performance PU (polyurethane) resin generate microfiber leather, a type of synthetic leather. Microfiber leather is commonly regarded as the most advanced and highest-quality synthetic leather on the market. Premium microfiber leather is resilient and silky to the touch, adding an additional layer of luxury.

Why Do We Choose Microfiber Leather?

We are all aware of the significance of a chair during extended periods of sitting. As a result, DXRacer uses superior microfiber leather that exceeds industry standards in order to provide a touch of luxury and prolong the level of comfort. Inviting you to sit comfortably for years to come, it has a soft, silky texture while having good abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

How Long Will Microfiber Leather Last?

The durability and appearance of microfiber leather are superior to those of genuine leather. It is also resistant to abrasion, hydrolysis, and staining. Because it is built similarly to animal skin, microfiber is more resistant to abrasion and tearing than other synthetic materials. Traditional synthetics are sprayed with a leather-like finish and then coated with polyurethane to preserve their appearance. Traditional synthetic materials are easy to damage. The durability of microfiber leather is comparable to that of genuine leather. It is also the best synthetic leather currently available on the market. The best microfiber leather has some of the benefits of genuine leather. You should not worry about accelerated aging or peeling. Due to the tight weave and the strength of the microfiber material, sofas and chairs manufactured of microfiber leather will last at least 25 years. You can extend your chair’s life of microfiber leather by routine washing and a comprehensive maintenance plan. Obviously, if you do not clean it properly and abuse it, you will soon realize your mistake.

How to Maintain Microfiber Leather?

Check the Tags

In order to find out how to clean your chair of microfiber leather, you need to refer to the tags or the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Some common codes found on upholstered goods are below.

S: It indicates that a solvent-based solution is required.
W: Please be sure to use a water-based solution.
X: Dust and particles can be picked up with a vacuum cleaner.
O: Only cold water is suitable for this organic material.
S-W: You can use either a water-based or a solvent-based cleaning solution.
If there are no tags, solvent-based treatments can be utilized.

Pick Cleaning Supplies

You should pick up a cleaning strategy before doing any cleaning. Mild dish soap or other water-based solvents are fine for wet cleaning while rubbing alcohol and other compatible dry cleaning chemicals are better suited for dry cleaning. Before attempting to clean the entire surface, it is recommended that you test a small portion of the leather cushion by rubbing it on a hidden spot of the chair and waiting 15 to 20 minutes to see if it has a cleaning effect and if it causes any damage. This will prevent problems such as flaking and fading of the microfiber leather that could be caused by cleaning agents.
If nothing out of the ordinary is discovered, you can clean the entire surface of the sofa. Simply spray the cleanser onto the fabric and gently scrub with a sponge or brush. If an "X" appears on the tag of your chair, it must be vacuumed regularly.

Eliminate Dirt and Debris

A typical issue with microfiber leather is the accumulation of dirt, which must be removed prior to reuse. Utilize a vacuum with an upholstery attachment or soft sponge to remove dirt and dust. If the pad is removable for easier access to hidden areas, it is best to remove it and deep clean it.

Dry and Polish the Surface

After cleaning, the microfiber leather chair must be polished and protected. Therefore, it is vital to get a microfiber leather conditioner. You can allow the chairs to air-dry or use a low-speed electric fan to accelerate the drying process. Alternately, you can add a fabric protector to assist this "shiny" appearance lasts longer.