Essential Modular Parts for Your Master

PattyMay 16, 2022

The modular design of DXRacer Master allows you to change and select accessories according to changing seasons as well as personal desires without sacrificing comfort. All you need to do is to purchase the additional modular parts and assemble them easily.

Memory Foam Headrest

Made with memory foam, the headrest pillow is super breathable and supportive and can be moved for maximum comfort exactly where it is needed. For more information, please visit

Multifunctional Bracket

Raise up your laptop, iPad, or mobile phone to a more comfortable height with the multifunctional bracket set for Master. Made with durable aluminum, it features a sleek appearance that is both portable and lightweight. It helps raise your electronic equipment to an ideal working position and provides multi-angle swivel positioning so as to alleviate pressure on your eyes, neck, and back. For more information, please visit

Removable Mesh Cushion

This ergonomic seat cushion is made of high-density recyclable mesh that provides professional structural support and keeps its shape. The ultra-breathable mesh keeps you cool and provides additional support for you to maintain proper posture and the natural curve of the spine during extended periods of sitting. For more information, please visit

Extendable Footrest

Enjoy all-day comfort with this extendable footrest. It allows you to relax from heavy work or intense gaming at any time, relieving the pressure on your legs, and providing a comfortable position. The pull-out design makes folding and cleaning easy and convenient.
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Cup Holder

Designed to fit different-sized beverages, this lightweight and compact cup holder compatible with Master Series is a great accessory that allows you to keep your water, coffee or other liquids conveniently within easy reach. So you can keep focused on gaming.
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