Find the Right Chair to Prevent a Fall

PattySeptember 13, 2022

One of the leading causes of injury at home is being thrown from a chair. For gamers, especially during intense periods, an unstable chair might be a serious potential safety hazard. A high-quality chair will prevent you from losing your balance during a game. There is more support where it's needed, a more secure base, and enough room to move around and make adjustments without the risk of falling. To that end, let's discuss how to select a suitable chair and how to avoid falling over when seated.

What Impacts of Falling out of Chairs?

The common occurrence of people falling out of chairs is a frustrating issue. Minor effects include feeling lightheaded or unsteady on one's feet; major effects can include fractures, paralysis, or even death, especially for the elderly and young. Users can feel safe and secure and have a lower chance of falling with the correct seating option.

Why Users Are Falling out of Their Chairs?

Many factors can cause the chair to overlean forwards, backwards, or sideways. During the manufacturing process of the chair, some dishonest businessmen employ materials that do not meet the international standards. As a result, the chair's safety performance is severely compromised, putting users at serious risk.

Second, those who are improperly situated are more likely to lose their balance and fall from the chair. For example, it is common for enthusiastic video game players to have a range of involuntary movements and improper seating positions in the chair when they are racing on the track or escaping gunfire. This is particularly true under great pressure. For example, if you are sitting in a chair with your legs crossed or if you are emotionally excited, you might stand up and cheer.

In addition, one of the most prevalent causes of chair-related accidents is the user reaching too far for an object, such as a beverage can, that is placed on a table. Therefore, one of the efficient strategies to avoid falls is to keep everything you need within reach or to purchase accessories like cup holders.

One of the factors to consider is whether the floor is level and constructed of the proper material. The majority of casters are designed to run smoothly on the carpet. Using pads designed expressly for use with the surface, such as wood floor or ceramic tile, casters can be made to operate effectively on such surfaces.

How to Reduce Falls & Sliding from Chairs?

Simple steps to help you stay on your chair include:

1) Choose a Formal Chair Brand

In this case, it is suggested that people acquire seats, and particularly gaming chairs, from a well-known brand. Its performance in terms of both materials and safety will be assured.

2) Proper Installation and Routine Check

If you want to make sure you're performing each step of the installation process properly, you can consult the instruction manual. In addition, once a month during normal use, you should check the chair's parts for safety issues like loose screws, which could cause serious injury.

3) Maintain Proper Sitting Posture

Adjust the chair's backrest to 100° ~110°. Lean back in your chair while tucking your hips deeply into the seat. Relax your shoulders and maintain a straight back. Keep an L-shaped bend in your arms with your elbows at your sides and your wrists in a relaxed position. Ensure that your feet are flat on the floor, your thighs are parallel to the ground, and your knees are bent at a 90° angle. Remember do not overlean forwards, backwards, or sideways. Never stand on your chair.

4) Flexible Adjustment for Maximum Comfort

①Use Seat Angle Recline

You can prevent yourself from tipping forward in the chair by using the back angle recline feature, which allows you to open the back angle of the chair so that the body leans backwards. This provides your hips and pelvis with more support and prevents you from leaning forward in the chair.

②Adjust Seat Depth

The failure to adopt a chair's seat depth to the user's height is a leading cause of slips and falls. Having the chair's depth adjustable is a nice feature because it allows the chair to accommodate a wide range of user heights and weights. Adjust the seat depth until the rear of your thighs fully contacts the chair, which is a simple adjustment to make.

③Choose the Right Height

When you sit with your hips curled into the seat, where are your knees and where are your feet? The easiest way to solve all of these problems is to raise or lower the seat so that you are sitting at the ideal height and can stand up and sit down without difficulty. Your seat is the right height if your knees and hips are 90° and your feet are flat on the floor; this will make the movements more natural for you.

④Look for Supportive Armrests

It is essential for a chair to have armrests that are both strong and supportive. When you sit down or stand up, your arms should provide the support you need to keep your weight balanced and take part of the burden off of your knees.

⑤Add Modular Parts

Upgrade your 
DXRacer with unique modular parts designed specifically for you. Modular parts (such as multifunctional stands, cup holders, footrests, etc.) are an absolute must if you spend a lot of time sitting at your workstation or playing video games and want to maximize your comfort. You won't have to risk losing your balance if you stand up from your chair to do something as simple as getting a cup from the table, which is just one example of the many ways in which this feature is useful.