How to Play Handheld with Proper Posture?

PattySeptember 28, 2022

Have you ever slouched on a gaming chair, leaned forward, and lowered your head while playing a handheld game? The majority of game players have sat in that position. If you lean forward and only sit on the front section of a low-quality gaming chair's seat, the chair will easily tip forward and land on its side. Sitting improperly can lead the spine to become twisted, which is one of the factors that might contribute to back pain. The current issue is determining how to switch into an effective and pleasant hand mode and sitting position.

For those who prefer a more relaxed, lean-forward posture while playing handheld games, adjusting the armrests is necessary. If you want to play handheld games while leaning forward in your seat, the armrests should be lifted to a comfortable level. By adjusting the armrests forward and rotating the angle inward, you may create a pigeon-toed shape that is more comfortable for individuals with narrow shoulders, such as women. Make sure the armrests fully support your forearms and wrists to ease your muscle tension when gaming with your hands.

In addition, an improper posture puts strain on the cervical spine, which might be a problem during a handheld game. Now is the time to adopt a whole different handheld gaming posture. First, adjust the angle of the backrest that allows your head and neck to rest comfortably on the headrest. Then, move the armrests to shape like splayed feet. Your cervical spine and wrists can be entirely relaxed in this position. The seat's rocking function can be motivated when you play a relaxed game, or deactivated for a more intense one. Remember that playing video games is a great way to unwind, but that harming their bodies by sitting on the wrong chair or in an improper position is not worth the benefits.