How To Properly Assemble And Use Your Master Chair?

PattyAugust 19, 2022

Assembly Guide

Please lay out the chair parts onto the flat surface before assembly. Make sure you are not missing any parts. There are 4 steps to assemble Master.

Step 1: Assembling The Wheelbase

Firstly, insert the 5 casters into the wheelbase and push them into place. Then, place assembled wheelbase on the floor. Insert the hydraulic piston into the center of the wheelbase and place the aesthetic sleeve over the hydraulic piston. Put the wheelbase aside for now.

Step 2: Attaching The Backrest To The Seat

Firstly, remove a total of 4 pre-installed screws on each side of the backrest. Then, insert screws to secure the backrest and seat. Pay special attention to inserting screws on the side with the fixed angle first to prevent the backrest from falling off. (Note: Once all 4 screws have been placed, tighten them one by one to avoid the misalignment of the rear two screws with the screw holes.) Lastly, install the magnetic side covers by aligning them to the sides of the backrest to cover the screws.

Step 3: Assembling The Seat And Tilt Mechanism

Firstly, Remove the four screws at the bottom of the seat. Secondly, Pay close attention to the front-to-back direction of the tilt mechanism. Lastly, install the 2 tilt levers for the tilt mechanism.

Step 4: Attaching The Wheelbase To The Tilt Mechanism

Firstly, lift the assembled wheelbase and insert the hydraulic piston into the bottom of the seat. Pay close attention to the hydraulic piston and wheelbase and casters when lifting the chair to prevent them from falling apart or sliding. Then, lift the chair to an upright position carefully. Lastly, install the headrest.

Usage Guide

Multifunctional Armrest Adjustment

To move to a different sitting position, the multi-functional armrest can be adjusted vertically, forward, backward, or rotated within a small range through the adjustment button. There are four screws used to secure the armrest, making it more stable. (PS: Armrest Height Adjustability 7.3 cm/Armrest Forth & Back Adjustability 3.6 cm/Armrest Width Adjustability 2.4 cm/Armrest Surface Can Be Rotated 25°)

Rocking Tension Adjustment

Flip the left lever upwards underneath the seat or push it down to operate the rocking mode. The rocking tension can be adjusted by rotating the knob.

Seat Height Adjustment

You can adjust the chair's height by pulling up on the right-side lever upwards/pulling the right-side lever upwards within a range of 8.5 cm (3.35 inches).

Built-in Lumbar Support Adjustment

The depth and height of the built-in lumbar support can be adjusted. There are two different levels available for the lumbar adjustment on the control knob. First level: Push the knob in and turn it clockwise or anti-clockwise to increase or decrease the depth of the lumbar support. Second level: Return the knob and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to raise or lower the height of the lumbar support to offer optimal support for the lumbar vertebra.

Rail-mounted Headrest Adjustment

The memory foam head pillow provides gentle support for the cervical spine and the height-adjustment feature allows users to select the most comfortable areas of support.

Backrest Reclining Adjustment

To adjust the backrest angle, you can lift up the recline lever with your right hand. The angle can range from 90° to 135°. A maximum recline angle of 135° is considered safe, according to prestigious studies.

Thank you for choosing DXRacer Master Series. We hope that it will provide you with an excellent seating experience.