How to Remove and Assemble Master’s Backrest and Seat Cushion?

PattySeptember 2, 2022

1) Disassemble the Backrest

Step 1: First, find the hook-and-loop fastener connection between the leather backrest and seat, and then lift the leather backrest up.

Step 2: Separate the two hook-and-loop fasteners that are located atop the backrest.

2) Assemble the Backrest

Step 1: Recline the backrest first.

Step 2: Find the two the hook-and-loop fasteners behind the backrest and thread them through the mounting holes on the top of the frame, just on the blew of the headrest. Next, pull the webbing from its base upwards to attach the hook-and-loop fasteners.

Step 3: Match up the hook-and-loop fasteners on the underside of the seat back with those on the corresponding frame.

3) Disassemble the Leather Seat Cushion

The leather seat cushion is fastened to the frame with the help of the hook. The only way to separate the seat cushion from the frame is to pull out the four pulling rings located at the bottom of the seat cushion.

4) Assemble the Leather Seat Cushion

Step 1: First Insert the entire leather seat cushion into the corresponding frame, and then pull the seat cushion from the back of the seat to its innermost area.

Step 2: Align the four woven straps with the pothooks, and then use a screwdriver to secure the woven straps.

5) Disassemble the Mesh Seat Cushion

Step 1: Pull the handle outward.

Step 2: Lift off the mesh seat cushion until it is free from the frame.

6) Assemble the Mesh Seat Cushion

Step 1: Insert the mesh seat cushion into the seat from the front to the rear.

Step 2: First fasten the handles at the back, then the front, which will serve as double reinforcement.