What Is the Ideal Height for a Gaming Desk and Chair?

PattyNovember 10, 2022

As a gamer, you often spend long periods of time at your desk. The height of the gaming desk and chair influences your comfort and health, as well as your game performance. So what is the optimal height ratio for a gaming desk and chair? And how can you make the height settings work for your individual height?

1)What Is the Optimal Height Ratio for a Gaming Desk and Chair?

Your comfort and performance will be affected by the height of your desk and chair. Your desk and chair are complementary. If one is excessively high or low, the other must be capable of compensating. If the height of the gaming desk and chair are too close together, it can limit the extension of the player's hands and feet. Conversely, if the height difference between the  desk and chair is too large, it might lead to an inappropriate sitting position and even back pain.

The country also has a clear specification standard for the height of desks and chairs, which is based on normal human physiological calculations applicable under normal circumstances. Each person's height and body type is unique, thus the final choice must be made based on their specific circumstances and the reference values provided.

If the table and chair are at the proper height, your feet should be flat on the floor while you play. Your wrists should be neutral or slightly extended while your ankles, knees, hips, and elbows are all bent at approximately a ninety-degree angle. For extended periods of gaming, this is the most comfortable position.

2)How to Adjust the Proper Height of a Gaming Desk and Chair?

To begin, put your chair in the position where your feet touch the floor and then sit normally. The ideal height for a chair is one that allows the user to sit with their legs naturally bent and both feet flat on the floor. If you can't do this, try to find some books or an extendable footrest to place beneath your feet to help distribute your body weight evenly across the chair's seat and legs. When your knees close to your chest, on the other hand, you should consider raising the height of the chair.

The  desk height should be adjusted when the chair is set at the proper height. The elbow and forearm could be lifted to a 90° position. After you've taken a seat, you can adjust the height of the  desk to suit your needs. Maintain a distance equivalent to a fist's width between your chest and the edge of the desk to ensure that your desk and chair are at the proper heights and angles.

3)How to Maintain a Healthy Sitting Posture?

Maintain a comfortable sitting posture. Reaching up with your forearms proves that your desk is too high; reaching down with your forearms demonstrates that your desk is too low. In fact, you should keep your forearms parallel to the desk with your wrists in a neutral posture and your elbows bent at a ninety-degree angle.

Maintain your legs and upper body at 90 to 110 degrees. Additionally, your ankles, knees, hips, and elbows should all be bent around ninety degrees. You may demonstrate that the height of your gaming  desk and chair is appropriate for you if you are able to maintain a correct and healthy sitting posture for extended periods of time and meet all the aforementioned requirements.

Taking regular breaks is also highly recommended. Both your eyes and your joints will thank you for this. Your body will appreciate it, particularly as you get older. In the break between tasks, you should get up and move around, drink some water, or use the restroom.